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10 Rules For Trading Options Successfully In this article, i would like to highlight some keys to success in trading options, but also mention the mistakes many traders make.If you currently are new to trading options this list should provide you with some very good advice and tips.Even seasoned traders in options can make mistakes. I’m a big believer in only trading options that have liquidity.This serves several purposes:To start, liquidity ensures you are getting a fair price for the cost of the option.Options with liquidity will usually have a tight bid/ask price.I recommend that you shouldn’t buy options where the bid/ask price is $0.30 or more apart on higher priced stocks such as Apple(Aapl), Google(Goog), Chipotle(Cmg), and so. On companies that have a lower stock price, such as a cisco(Csco), Mgm Resorts(Mgm), Altria(Mo), and others, the bid/ask should be much tighter.I recommend having a difference of no more than $0.05 apart. Also, when you are ready to sell an option, having a bid/ask range so far apart can really limit your potential gain.Many times, you will be forced to sell the option at the bid price, which is lower.Finding a buyer at the optimal price you would like to sell at can become a problem.While it really isn’t a”Pilot”Program anymore, as the list is ever expanding, this is a great tool to use to see which companies have options to buy with high volume. Occasionally, an opportunity presents itself where there is low options volume available on a particular stock.While this is fine to trade once in a while, do not make a habit out of it.Eventually, it will eat away at your profits. Follow a set of companies you know Too often, i hear of stories where a beginning trader has so many stock on their watchlist that they completely lose sight of how a particular stock trades. As an example, a stock could be up 10% one day and the trader sees this on their watchlist.Sensing an opportunity to buy and make money, they buy options on it only to find out it reached the high for the day.If you are trading this way, you are already too late.It’s old news.Now, you’re stuck holding the bag on a declining option. However, if you follow a stock and understand why it is making the move it is, you will be able to ride the price up to its high and then sell when it hits a top. Some of the biggest mistakes i’ve made early in my career trading options was getting into option positions of a company i may have had on a watchlist, but hardly followed enough to justify putting a lot of money into it.Don’t make this mistake.Know what you buy and trade.More importantly, know how the stock moves on a daily basis. Use a broker you are comfortable with especially the trading platform I really can’t stress this enough.I’ve heard and still hear stories by traders who tell me that their broker’s trading platform is horrible, but that they keep it because the commission costs are low. This issue really gets me.The bottom line is this:If you are successful trading options, the minor additional costs you may pay for a broker with a far superior trading platform is well worth the price.Trust me, you will incur more losses because of slow execution by the broker and delayed prices/information that you will ever lose on commission costs.A $4.00 difference isn’t going to make or break you. So, be smart and shop around for a broker whose platform you enjoy using.There is nothing worse than staying at a broker who olo ralph lauren donna prezzo has a bad trading platform, regardless of commission costs. If you feel the broker’s streaming charts are too cluttered, move on.One of the most important thing in trading options is that you can be able to view charts with ease.Having a clean look at the many technical indicators you may use is really indispensable, as far as i’m concerned. Have a routine and stick polo ralph lauren italia with it Options take a long time to get really good at.Having a daily routine can make things a lot easier for you. From what time you check the pre market information and how you set up your charts, keep to a similar schedule and pattern every day.This will avoid all distractions that may come your way. Sometimes you will just need a break from staring at the screens for a couple of hours straight.If so, then set a 15 minute break at a certain point everyday.You have to be relaxed and in control when trading options.If you miss an entry to a position, so be it.There will be plenty more, that’s for sure. If you find a successful strategy that seems to be working, don’t abandon it.Keep working at it and perfect it even more. More often than not, your instincts are going to prove correct.If, for any reason, you have doubts about entering a position, don’t do it.There is nothing worse than being stuck in a position you probably didn’t want to be in to begin with. Situations like this will force you to think out of your customary style and take away from effectively using your energy on other positions you may want to enter or exit.On top of that, you will be constantly concerned about how the trade is working out.If it is negatively going against you this could force you to”Swing for the fences”On other trades to make up for the loss.This is a bad combination and usually leads to even worse trades.It becomes a domino effect. Always have a set exit plan on every trade you make I’m the type of options trader that places a sell order on all positions i open up immediately after placing the trade.I know at what price i am happy getting out of the position on, and i never look back with any regrets, no matter how much more i could have made. If you are constantly back tracking, thinking about the”What if”Of your trades, you are bound to fail.Greed plays a big part of this point. Over the years i can name literally hundreds of trades that, looking back, i should have held onto for longer.Yet, i can also name just as many trades where i was smart to exit when i did.In the end, they all even out.As i wrote earlier in this article, stick to the plan and don’t ever break from it.Consistency really is key. Make sure you are always aware of upcoming events, company earnings, and economic ralph lauren bambini brevi polo maniche data This is so important.Before the week starts, go to your broker’s website and other sites across the internet and find out what upcoming events are due for the following week.